Istanbul is like an ocean. People from everywhere force one's way into this exciting place. Since, they would be able to leave everything behind, hoping for a better life. Finally as it has to be in a ocean as much as opportunities they find themselves deep in the water, surrounded by sharks and other animals, they've never seen and have to fight against to survive.

This work concerns the small African society of Istanbul. When I ask my turkish friends what they know about black people in Istanbul, they usually bring up the «Saatcıler», the black watch sellers on Istanbul pavements. I wanted to find out more about African culture in Istanbul. In KumkapI, one of the most multicultural districts of Istanbul, I‘ve found „Dostlukspor“, a footballteam in which only Africans are playing, they are from Mali, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivoire, Kongo and other countries, speaking different languages, having different religions, having even different mentalities country to country. A lot of the player can play professional. They came to Istanbul to start their careers, but nobody was waiting for them. The team gets support from «Fatih Belediyesi», the municipal government of Fatih. Only the best of the best are able to enter this club. They have their trainings three times a week, for the most of the players it is the only activity during the week. It‘s almost impossible for them, to find jobs, and if they do, they don‘t earn anything, or just a little bit. They share their bedrooms up to five people, together with other Africans. Just a few people speak Turkish. Everybody has his own problems, but nobody complains, they tell me their stories, but they don‘t expect any sympathy. All they want is to play football. They are all convinced, that one day they are going to play in one of Europes best football teams. In the end there are two common points make them fate friends: Their dreams and Istanbul. People of that club introduced me the african society of Istanbul. These characters and everything around them are definately worth to get to know.